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VWash Plus Intimate Hygiene Wash – 100 ml

৳ 400

VWash Plus Intimate Hygiene Wash - 100 ml

  • It is quite successful and considered a market leader in its segment.
  • The purpose of this wash is quite simple
  • I have mentioned two facts above and V Wash Plus just ensures to keep up with those two factors
  • the way you expect with your regular washing soap.
  • Using normal water with little bit more pH level will also not make any impact with V Wash Plus.
  • That means it will ensure that the pH level at your intimate area remained in the boundary of 3.5 – 4.5. Further
  • Daily use intimate hygiene wash
  • Feminine care and hygiene
  • VWash Plus leaves you feeling comfortable & fresh all day long
  • It is safer to be used during menstruation & even during pregnancy
VWash Plus is an expert hygiene wash product specially designed for a woman's intimate needs. Its special Lactic Acid formula infused with tea tree oil & sea buckthorn oil, helps maintain the pH balance of the vagina, prevents itchiness, irritation, dryness & leaves you feeling fresh all day long.