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Air Doctor SR

৳ 6,000
Description of Air Doctor SR Air Doctor S.R is a new Japanese technology utilizes the triple power of chlorine dioxide gas (CD) at low concentration (0.03 PPM) for prevention of Air Born Infections, either bacterial, viral or fungal infections. Air Doctor has A Worldwide patency certificate for the new precies technology. The scope of Air Doctor SR: It covers 25 cubic meters, it is good for 50-60 days   Air Doctor creates an atmospheric shield that protects you from airborne disease, pollens and eliminates odors.
  • Air Doctor helps protect against airborne contaminants, bacteria, and viruses.
  • Contains sodium chlorite (NaClO2) as the active ingredient
  • Releases chlorine dioxide (ClO2) gas
  • It covers 25 cubic meters.
  • Works for 60 day’s protection.
  • This Product for indoor use.
  • Made in Japan
  Attachable devices: Air conditioner air or Air Conditioner dehumidifier. Install directly on outlet or wall.